The Logistics Ecosystem in China Has Developed Greatly Courtesy of JD Logistics is a well-known e-commerce platform based in China. The company has been authorized to make use of the shipping pallets that are usually produced by EPAL (European Pallet Association). The partnership between the two firms will be highly beneficial. The pallets being manufactured by the European Pallet Association will also be distributed to different firms throughout China through the Jingdong Cloud Box.

The Jingdong “Cloud Box” was developed by JD logistics. The cloud box ensures that people have access to leasing and repair services. The platform also ensures that each client has access to different pieces of information on a real-time basis. Through the Jingdong Cloud Box, the transactions involving the pallets being produced by the European Pallet Association can also be accessed. Both companies will benefit from increased efficiency.

The European Pallet Association operates as an open pooling system. JD has been offering logistics carrier services since its inception in 1991. The firm has also been operating globally. They also provide quality services. EPAL is also licensed, and they usually countercheck the details of the repairers and producers. At the moment, EPAL is also dealing with more than 1,500 repairs and authorized production operations in more than 30 nations.

Jingdong Logistics is highly committed, and the company is focusing on making sure that their supply chain is sustainable. The JD Cloud Box also aims to become among the largest open trading platforms globally. The platform will make use of the pallets being produced by EPAL.

The partnership between EPAL and Jingdong will ensure that the e-commerce platform gains a competitive edge in the logistics sector in China. By ensuring that high-quality pallets can be accessed easily and reliably, will be able to make sure that the supply chain is operating efficiently.

The recent partnership will ensure that the European Pallet Association has a smooth transition while trying to venture into the Chinese market. Jingdong has also gained a lot of recognition over the years since they also ensure that each of their clients has access to quality original products; as a result, has ensured that the company has a good reputation in China.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


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