How to Choose the Perfect Chicago Neighborhood for Your Next Apartment

Chicago is a big city of hype, history, and cool happenings that collide in a mash-up of good restaurants, vibrant arts scenes, and dozens of parks and outdoor recreations. So, in the Windy City of so much, how can you find the perfect neighborhood with the perfect apartment that is simply perfect for you?

What Do You Love/Like to Do? What is Your Lifestyle?

The Chicago neighborhood you ultimately fall in love with will depend on your lifestyle and the things you love or like to do. Are you happiest when you can explore the hiking trails and autumn foliage of beautiful, abundant parks? Do you love to stay inside and view an ample city skyline from the comforts of a high-rise balcony? 

Research Popular Chicago Neighborhoods for Yourself

The best way to find your perfect neighborhood is to research all of them firsthand. Map out a day where you can venture and explore the cool stuff in popular Chicago neighborhoods, like Glencoe or Highland Park. At the end of each day, write down what you loved and didn’t like about each neighborhood. Then draw your conclusions from your lists of pros and cons. 

Check Out Beal Properties for More Chicago Neighborhood Information

Beal Properties, a dynamic and reliable property management agency, boasts thirty years of dedication to the Charlotte Metro Area. Their neighborhood outreach extends to some of the most popular apartment communities, like Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Gold Coast. Each neighborhood has its own diverse history, inspiration, and culture, which means a -to-be in search of a great apartment and an even better Chicago experience big draw for resident since. 

The last three decades have been years of growth and dedication for Beal Properties. Several of these professionals are involved in the Beal-established Giving Team—a community commitment that supports neighborhood and city foundations through volunteer work and donations. Some of their most well-known foundation projects include the Highland Park Community Foundation, Lakeview Pantry, and US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Live the Chicago Way of Life

Beal Properties is a property management company in Chicago. Whether you’re new to the city or have called Chicago home your entire life, Beal Properties makes it easy to find your next rental. Homes in all price ranges make it easy to accommodate all lifestyles. 

Beal Properties is not your average property management company. With more than 30 years’ experience in the Chicago area, Beal Properties knows how to make customers happy. Tell them what you want in your new rental and they’ll find the perfect place to call home. Need a commercial space? Beal Properties also rents commercial space.

Once you make the move to Chicago, you’ll find life is so much better than ever before. Chicago is a big city, but smaller than places like New York City and Los Angeles so you won’t feel so out of place. Visiting all the sites and attractions in Chicago is nearly impossible, but you can always give it a shot. There’s plenty to see and do no matter the season or your budget.